Might and Light

Might and Light

For centuries, black powder has helped build our history, destructing on the way the ideological  foundations of a world ready to change.

As the first chemical explosive, highly sought-after merchandise, fierce weapon at the heart of military technological development and civilization tool, black powder spreads both terror and fascination, leaving behind traces of dust and light. From chinese alchemy to the european revolution chemistry, from american stammering powder factories to showbiz light explosions, its history overflows with sparkling anecdotes. It starts and ends the same way: through a wonderful firework.





  • Ideal floor space: 1,500 square feet
  • 8 feet ceiling



  • Musée d’Archéologie de Roussillon, QC
    June to September 2023
  • Galerie d’art de Blainville, QC
    Summer 2024
  • Resurgo Place, Moncton Museum, NB
    Fall 2024