The origin of settlement of the Eastern Townships

In 2003, the discovery of the first fragment of a fluted point dating around 12 000 years BP provided archaeologists with confirmation of what they had hypothesized: The Eastern Townships was an entry point for Quebec’s earliest inhabitants.

Since this discovery, archaeological digging in this region has intensified. To date, three sites have revealed inhabitation of this territory dating back to the Palaeoindian period (12 500-9 000 years BP).

With a guide, explore the contribution of these material indicators to the evolution of knowledge of the Palaeoindian history in Quebec, and more specifically in the Eastern Townships.

This online exhibition was produced through the Virtual Museum of Canada’s Virtual Exhibits Investment Program. The Virtual Museum of Canada is administered by the Canadian Museum of History with financial support from the Government of Canada.

Picture : Simon Duquette | Nabi


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