Urban Wildlife

Our neighbors, our animals

From invertebrates to vertebrates, discover the urban wildlife of Sherbrooke (Quebec), Vernon (British Columbia), Moncton (New Brunswick) and Regina (Saskatchewan). Learn more about the diversity of animal species that live in our midst and nearby and the problems that arise from this co-habitation in all these cities.

The loss of habitats because of urbanisation spurs us to learn to develop our cities while respecting the needs of animals. With this virtual exhibit, the Museum hopes to contribute to protecting wildlife habitats in cities through public awareness and public education.

Some fifty sheets corresponding to various urban species, accompanied by a photo of the specimen in the collection, will also be presented.

For children, the section called Animaville proposes a field excursion notebook that can be downloaded and four games: a game of colouring, a questionnaire, a logic game and a discovery game.

This virtual exhibit was developed with financial assistance from the Virtual Museum of Canada.

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