Unexpected Encounters

Plunge into a world of fantasy where what you see is mixed with what animals see, in a way that is as unexpected as it is scientific. The AlterAnima exhibit presents the most beautiful taxidermic specimens from the collections of the Museum in an artistic and original setting. Hundreds of animals await your visit, including a polar bear and a cougar. You must be on the lookout and open your eyes; several animals are hidden in unexpected places! A cascade of visual and acoustic surprises awaits you in this fantastic forest.

When you meet these 500 specimens, you will be guided by one of our three virtual guides with the assistance of an electronic pad:

A deeply committed biologist, Darwin spent years observing animals. Through anecdotes about his travels he explains why certain birds are shimmering in colour while others are black and white. He illustrates his theory of natural selection by observing their beaks, he reveals the secrets of antlers, horns and even their tails, and he presents couples and families from a new perspective.

An old elf recounts the story of the Museum and its collections in a witty way. His anecdotes about the arrival of some animals, about conservation methods and even about some curators are colourful and sumptuous. With 135 years of history and nearly 65,000 specimens, he is unveiling a national treasure.

Environmental activist to her bones, this young woman is a militant for the ecological cause. Born on the first day of the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development, called the Earth Summit, Émilie proposes an overview of the state of the planet using the animals in the exhibit. She presents astounding statistics about endangered species threatened with extinction, as well as the initiatives put in place to preserve the environment.

In addition to the virtual guides, hide and seek-type games encourage discovery of every nook and cranny of this amazing exhibit. Several animals are well-hidden in various areas. Will you know how to find them?

AlterAnima on video

Immerse yourself in fascinating exhibits that reveal the mysteries of our planet and the universe around us. Discover rare specimens, stunning reconstructions and interactive experiences that will arouse your curiosity and stimulate your mind.

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