A latin word meaning light, the lumen is also the measuring unit of its power, as perceived by the human eye. Come and see light under all angles and analyze its behaviour by handling different light sources and obstacles. Let yourself be dazzled by the magic of refraction and discover polarization!

Exhibition Brief (PDF)



  • Ideal space: 1,200-1,700 sq. ft.
  • 8 ft. ceiling height



Manon Lebeau
Development Director
[email protected]
Mobile: 819-347-7528



  • Musée de la nature et des sciences, Sherbrooke, QC
    March 25 to May 15 2022
  • Galerie d’art de Blainville, Blainville, QC
    June 1st to August 27 2022
  • Musée minéralogique et minier de Thetford Mines, QC
    September 24 2022 to January 2 2023
  • Exploration Place, Prince-Georges, BC
    March to May 21 2023
  • Okanagan Science Centre, Vernon, BC
    May 27  to September 4 2023
  • BIG Little Science Centre, Kamloops, BC
    September 16 2023 to January 10 2024
  • Resurgo Place, Moncton, NB
    winter 2024