Archeology and criminal investigations

From September 23, 2022 to January 10, 2023

The discovery of human bones raises all sorts of questions:

  • Who did they belong to?
  • How did the person die?
  • What was their life like?

In the field and in the lab, bioarchaeologists help solve archaeological and forensic investigations. By analyzing human remains and other clues found at excavation sites and crime scenes, these scientists can piece together past events.

This interactive exhibition shines a light on the vital scientific role bioarchaeologists play in investigations that sometimes reveal crimes committed hundreds of years ago. It’s also a chance to learn how the fields of funerary archaeology and forensic anthropology help commemorate significant events and advance major social causes.

Use what you learn during your visit to solve a case of your own!

Immerse yourself in fascinating exhibits that reveal the mysteries of our planet and the universe around us. Discover rare specimens, stunning reconstructions and interactive experiences that will arouse your curiosity and stimulate your mind.

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