Find out which animals are most threatened by trade...

Animal lovers, choose a travel destination, then set off on an adventure. You first have to go through customs, but before doing so, find out about souvenirs you can bring back. Fast forward to a bazar in a foreign land, where animals are at the basis of many of the products offered. Clothing and souvenir booths, exotic animal caves, street food, potions and medications… we will try to entice you. You will discover which animals are the most threatened by this commerce. Will you be one of those who contribute to causing their disappearance by bringing back an illegal souvenir? We will see when you return through customs.

ILLÉGAL, Le trafic animal is a co-production of the Zoo de Granby and the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science. This exhibition received financial support from the Government of Canada.

Immerse yourself in fascinating exhibits that reveal the mysteries of our planet and the universe around us. Discover rare specimens, stunning reconstructions and interactive experiences that will arouse your curiosity and stimulate your mind.

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