Fête de la pêche

June 7 to 9 at Lucien-Blanchard Park

7 June 2024
9 June 2024

From Friday June 7 to Sunday June 9, 2024, the Fête de la pêche will take place. During these three days, all Quebec residents can fish without purchasing a permit. In Sherbrooke, the event will take place at Lucien-Blanchard Park. It’s the perfect opportunity to try your hand at fishing.

The Maison de l’eau will be open to welcome visitors during the free event.

The Pêche en herbe activity, aimed at youngsters aged 6 to 17, will include a one-hour training session in which they will learn about fish biology, the rudiments of fishing, respect for the environment, regulations and safety. Registration for this activity is required.


Come and visit the residents of the Maison de l’eau: frogs, turtles, garter snakes and live fish.

Virtual reality helmets will also be available to take you deep into the ocean. You’ll be able to admire schools of tropical fish, peaceful sea turtles, impressive sharks and numerous species of whale.

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