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7 July 2020

Before your visit, be aware that wearing a mask or face covering the nose and mouth will be required from July 18, 2020, for people aged 12 and over.

Museum members must also book their online visits 😊
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The Museum is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

The team has imagined a colorful and original concept, which will allow you, while respecting the sanitary rules put in place, to enhance your experience that will be different, certainly, but just as stimulating.

Once again, you will be able to explore the exhibition Alteranima in the heart of a fantastic universe where your gaze will mingle with the gaze of animals gathered in an unexpected and scientific way. Watch and open your eyes, many are hidden in unusual places! A flock of visual and sound surprises await you in this fantasized forest.

Continue by traveling through the changing landscapes of Sherbrooke and its region with Terra Mutantès. Experience the tumult of continental drift, cross fields of molten lava, witness the creation of lakes and rivers that line the Sherbrooke landscape, feel the separation of continents and the deglaciation, without even leaving the Museum!

The Museum offers three temporary exhibitions including Indians Beyond Hollywood, an amazing exhibition on the image of Aboriginal people in popular culture with its runaway warrior tales. Return to your childhood memories with Lucky Luke chatting with the Apache Grand Chief. Images that permeate the collective imagination.

Discover the exhibition Paleomission: In Search of the Ancient Sloth. Dive with scientists from Bishop’s University and the Cuban Museum of Natural History, in the heart of submerged caves and experience their work step by step. One of the greatest paleontological mysteries, the disappearance of megafauna at the end of the most recent ice age, about 11,000 years ago.

Finish by visiting TICKS, LITTLE BUGS, BIG PROBLEMS, an exhibition offered by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Designed for children, it offers an insight into the fascinating world of ticks through simplified and adapted scientific facts. The exhibition also offers practical information for accompanying adults, allowing them to talk about ticks and the diseases they transmit with their child.


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In order to welcome you safely, we put in place different reception measures, for your health and that of our team. These measures are implemented in accordance with the recommendations of Public Health and the Commission on Standards, Equity, Occupational Health and Safety (CNESST).

• Proceed to the main entrance at 225 Frontenac Street at the time indicated in your purchase confirmation email for your entry(s);
• Disinfect your hands on arrival in the lobby;
• Gel stations are located in several locations;
• Respect the 2 metre distance at all times;
• Bring your water bottle, places are provided for filling;
• It is not possible to eat on site;
• Use a mask.
What other measures are in place?
• Limited number of visitors.
• Signage and ground signs have been installed to direct traffic and remind of physical distancing and sanitation.
• The daily cleaning frequency of all spaces is increased.
• Reception facilities are adapted.
Important: the shop is temporarily closed.
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Your Museum membership will automatically be extended by the same number of weeks as the closing.
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